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How To Get Customers & Recruits Without Being Salesy…
"They won't go on auto-ship! 
What can I do?!"
"I Thought I Was Going To Be A Waitress All My Life" - Suze Orman
End of Call Reluctance
Do you have "Call Reluctance"?
Here's how to tell...
  • How many offers have you made this month (about your business or product)?
  • How many offers have you made last month?
  • How many offers the month before?
You likely have call reluctance.
Want to get over it in 7 days? And prevent wrecking your business for the next 10-20 years because you don't make any offers?
This course is where we say Bye Bye to call reluctance - that crippling mental state - for good!
$20 Million In 6 Minutes - Mr Rogers' Presentation Secrets
  • If you'd like to be authentic and make them "lean in" like Mr. Rogers did to get the $20 Million...
  • If you'd like his wording applied to YOUR business and product so others want it, too...
  • If you're sick of chasing the wrong ones and want words that make them come to you...
Feeler First Project
"How To Come Across As An Advisor
Not A Seller"
w Kim Klaver and Brooke Nilsen
For the network marketer or coach who wants a calendar packed full of qualified prospects excited to work with them…

Become the GO-TO authority - Advisor - in your personal niche and scoop up your perfect clients and reps - those seeking the help you can give…

…Without spending a dime on ads!

…Without chasing anyone!

…Without spamming!

Right now, a few network marketers are seeing their DMs blow up with requests from people asking to learn more…

Notifications “ding” on their phones throughout the day as new appointment book onto their calendar.
For product lovers who want to build a regular customer following. Without sounding salesy.
How often do you wish you had said that one, drop-dead line? Or the one liner that causes the other person to raise their eyebrows and go, “Really? Tell me more…”
Anatomy of a $3750 Dollar Sales Letter
An affiliate of mine paid $3,750 dollars for this ten page sales letter.

They sent it to their list. And from that list, 287 people bought a $297 program...$85,239 a program that walked network marketers A-Z how to set up, run and get a standing room only crowd for a home-type event.This is that letter, and a paragraph by paragraph breakdown of that letter, so anyone could model it for THEIR own sales letter or email.

This fabulous ten page sales letter includes my written and video breakdown line by line so you can do this for YOUR offer.
Question: "I love my company but scared to death of phone calls. Any ideas?" – Sunita W.

Here’s what I said…

Come to the next Cadaver Calling Challenge
Still having trouble getting yourself off the dime to CONNECT with people? 

Or follow up with someone? 

I have something for you to test, right now.  
I've done it and taught it and it's caused some people to TOTALLY SHED their old scaredy self...

Ready for that now?
Warm Market Boss
"Magic Word Model That Make Your Warm Market Love You Again Now"
Who else wants Kim's personal recruiting interview questions? 

Who wants to know how to qualify the person in the first 30 seconds so you don't spend 30 minutes only to hear, 

"Oh I don't have any money!"?
Kim Klaver has gotten to the top of her five network marketing companies because she learned how to recruit fast. She loves cold market.  

This is her secret - her personal Interview
Questions - you’ll get the questions AND how to ask them of anyone...that’s just part of what you’ll get in this clinic.

Get ready to laugh a lot.
This is the mini customer building program.

Fun how-to course on building a regular customer base in a direct sales or network marketing company. 
Grow Your Business With Facebook & Email... without violating rules
Who Else Wants to Be the Go-To Person for What You Sell – Especially on Facebook?
How To Build a Seven Figure Business As A Marketer By Mastering the Art of Strategic Inviting
Have you always wanted to build your Network Marketing business without the need to be a super slick salesperson or a go-go recruiter?

It probably sounded easy in the beginning…
Get Unstuck Without therapy or counseling
You’ll discover how to 
“make them come to you”.

That’s all I’ve done for 25 years.
"What do I do if I have just 45 minutes a day? Is it possible to get 109 paying customers - in 365 days - with 45 minutes a day?"
What Secrets Did Kim Let Out Of the Bag in This Explainer Workshop?
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