Authority Marketer

  • Identify and find your niche market
  • Present your product purpose so that you’ll never be perceived as “one of those people selling one of those things” again
  • Learn the two most effective types of authority to become
  • Know how to instill confidence in any audience that is interested in what you’re selling (your niche audience)
  • Have total confidence in yourself, that you know what you need to know to present with confidence and authority
  • Do all this without having to play doctor or scientist or cram for any academic credentials
  • Conduct super fast authority-establishing research online and off in any area you wish
  • Outsource authority research for $3/hr so you can focus on marketing
  • Be an authority on leads. Learn how to tell the crappy leads from the good ones – before you buy. (Special leads guru guest.)
  • Compete against hype from others who exaggerate to steal your prospects (special industry analyst guest)

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