How To Get Customers & Recruits Without  Being Salesy…

QuestionMark_Red2“What should I say to potential customers or recruits?”

=> Know what NOT to say that first time. NONE of these:

  1. How great the product is…
  2. How wonderful and amazing the company is.
  3. How wonderful the CEO or owners of the company, are.
  4. How scientifically advanced and breakthrough the products are…
  5. How it’s just the best thing since sliced bread..

Why don’t strangers respond to that – except with glazed eyse?

Because. Until a person knows what the product can do for them,
what problem THEY have that your product can fix, they don’t care about
the name of the product, what’s in it, the company, the CEO or how wonderful you think it is.

If your first words are not about THEM, or a problem THEY want fixed, strangers
don’t respond when we tell them how great we think our product is. Have you noticed that?

The products below help you 1) talk like a normal person. and 2) bring up the problem
it’s solved for you and 3) find out if they know someone who still has that problem.

See how that might work to get someone leaning in to hear more?

Click on a complimentary item that appeals and have a taste…


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