“I’m stuck. And I’m ready to get off the pot. Now.” – Julie

Does the following story sound familiar?

“After years of struggling with my network marketing business, I was ready to give up. I tried everything – books, on line courses, networking events, home events,company conferences, company trainings, heck I even tried cold calling – Yuck!

“Oh, I got some customers. In some cases, even quite a few. But the truth was… I just wasn’t making any real money.

“Certainly not more than I was spending trying to make it all work. I was ready to throw in the towel…” ~ Julie Burns

Sound familiar? But, here’s the twist. Let’s listen to next chapter of Julie’s story…

“Then along comes Kim Klaver with her new program and 31 Days later, I’ve got my own followers, am being retweeted by famous people with tens of thousands of followers and have a hundred of my own followers!”

Want to hear the rest of Julie’s story and see if you too can “flip the script” in the story of your life and business?

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