Would You Like To Discover The Secret To Marketing Your MLM Online?

Out of warm market?  Not really a bubbly social person who likes making new friends around town?

So how do you grow your business?  Where do you find people to talk to?

In the online world.  Especially Facebook.

In the past 6 months, I’ve doubled the size of my 20-year old email list from Facebook.

My list size always increased a little each month over the years…but I didn’t do anything to grow it…because I really didn’t know how to grow it except through referrals from my existing customers.

Then two years ago, I heard about some people marketing on Facebook.  And I started learning to market on FB too. And in the past six months, the size of my twenty-year old list doubled. Six months(!)

Building your own list. Growing your list. That’s just one benefit of learning how to use Facebook as a way to find right people for your business.

“But, you say, “Am I allowed to advertise my business online?

Many companies prohibit their reps from promoting their company online. Not only that, many ad networks like Facebook and Google frequently shut down MLM accounts without warning and with no one to talk to about it.

So, it can’t be done right? Wrong.

It can – and is – being done every day. What’s the secret? Well, for one thing, you NEVER mention the name of your company or products when you’re advertising.

Nobody cares anyway, but that is what your company doesn’t want. In case you make a claim that gets them in trouble.  But since using company and product names with strangers doesn’t work anyway, why bother?

What to do instead?

I’ve created an 45 minute video for you that explains how one simple shift in the way you view your business makes all the difference. You can literally going from having no online presence to having hundreds of raving followers in a relatively short time.

Want to learn how to do that without risking any retribution from your company and without getting your FB account shut down? And grow your business online like countless others are now doing?

Great! Then this 45 minute Facebook workshop just for you. Click the link below to get a bonus “Sell Your MLM on Facebook Without Selling Your MLM On Facebook” 5 Point CheatSheet.


Downloadable Guide: 5 Ways To Get 100 Customers On Facebook
Watch Video: Become The Go-To Authority In Your Market