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Product Details:

This is the mini customer building program.

Fun how-to course on building a regular customer base in a direct sales or network marketing company. Here’s what one student did with the scripts she learned in one of my first classes, five years ago.

Introducing Mary Jane, customer magnet.

“Kim challenged us to get 100 customers in 100 days, and guess what? I did more than that! I got over 100 customers in 60 days, and they’re on a monthly program, just like cable TV!

My check went from $986 to $5000 within five months. I get it each month now. Ill be forever grateful to Kim.” – Mary Jane M.

Mary Jane took this exact course in July, 2003.

Today she has over 8,000 regular customers!

Are you like Mary Jane?

You really like your product but you don’t enjoy recruiting?

Show me the money.

Say you get $10 per customer repeat order.

*20 repeat customers = $200/mo. Pays for a monthly facial, manicure and a massage in most places.

*50 customers = $500/mo. Throw in the gym and tennis lessons.

*100 customers = $1,000/mo. Now you can build that new addition to the house.

1,000 customers = $10,000/mo. Why stop there?

There’s big money in repeat customers. Ask the cable TV guys.

Customers? Isn’t NM all about recruiting?

Not anymore. Not for new people anyway.

1. It’s MUCH harder to recruit today than even 5 years ago.

People don’t believe the promises like before, they don’t stick and they come across lots of dead bodies. So they quit. But you don’t have give up a regular extra income stream.

2. If you really like your product, why not build up an income as big as you want – with repeat customers who love the product like you do?

This program shows you, step by step, how to do that – from what to say to when to say it. The language you learn is totally customized to yourproduct experience and your style.

My teleclass students (almost 2,000 over 3 years) paid $219 to have their scripts adjusted and tweaked to turn them into powerful customer magnets.

You get to listen to these before-and-after makeovers, plus dozens of customer retention strategies on this CD set, for less than a third of what those tele-class attendees paid.

You ready to become a customer magnet like Mary Jane?