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From the Preface to Networkers…

This is a book about customer acquisition. Long term, loyal, monthly customers; not one-time retail sales. The kind of customer who looks forward to seeing whatever new stuff your company comes out with. Like me. I love to hear about anything new Apple is coming out with, and buy lots of it. I’m a big fan. And to this day, I still take the nutritional product I loved and marketed ten years ago.

But, how many of you have been told its a waste of time to go after customers? That the money is in the recruiting of business builders? Hmm. How many of you have succeeded in finding those entrepreneurs? And in keeping them?

Network marketing is perhaps the only business where one has to justify going after customers. In every other business, customers are sacred. Companies do everything they can to woo and keep them. Nordstrom, for example, has built their entire business by offering outrageously good customer service.

Whats the story here? Why are customers at the low end of everyone’s totem pole in the network marketing business?

Sodden thought: Maybe peeps don’t use the products if they’re not also selling them? Or most companies just don’t pay enough on customers to make it worth the rep’s while?  Sigh.